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Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi


The Miss Universe Organization encourages women to realize and show their personalities, profession and tremendous goals through expertise that maintain self-confidence and self esteem that encourage women for future prosperity and success. Miss Universe celebrate beauty in its different forms and provide women with the right support to feel her extremely beauty.

Miss Universe system grow their personal goals and objectives, advocate for social and human issues to make positive changes in the world. These women’s thinking and encouragement not only talking about this change, but to start with it. They have gone on to high-profile jobs in government, business, finance, broadcasting, as well as film and television.

Miss Universe Organization Rules:
The winner of the competition must be confident. She must understand the values of our brand and the responsibilities of the title. She must have the ability to articulate her ambition. A contestant should demonstrate authenticity, credibility and exhibit grace under pressure. The women who compete embody the modern, global aspiration for the potential within all women.

Zozibini Tunzi life:
Zozibini Tunzi (born 18 September 1993) is a 26 year old South African model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe 2019. Tunzi had previously been crowned Miss South Africa 2019. She is the third woman from South Africa to win the title, and the first black woman since Leila Lopes was crowned Miss Universe 2011.
Tunzi was born in Tsolo, Eastern Cape to parents Philiswa Nadapu and Lungisa Tunzi, and raised in the nearby village of Sidwadweni. The town is some 42 km north-west of Mthatha and 22 km south-west of Qumbu. The name, derived from Xhosa, is said to mean ‘pointed’, referring to the shape of hills there.
Tunzi is one of three sisters. She later moved to Cape Town, settling in the Gardens suburb, to attend Cape Peninsula University of Technology, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and image management in 2018.

Tunzi Education level:
Prior to winning Miss South Africa, Tunzi completed a Bachelor of Technology graduate degree in public relations management at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and worked as a graduate intern in the public relations department of Ogilvy Cape Town.

University in Cape Town, South Africa, is the only university of technology in the Western Cape province, and is also the largest university in the province, with over 32,000 students. It was formed by merging the Cape Technikon and various independent colleges.

Zozibini’s Career:
Tunzi began as a pageantry in 2017, she was accepted as one of the top 26 semi finalists of Miss South Africa 2017, although she was not selected as one of the twelve finalists. She returned to pageantry to compete in the Miss South Africa 2019 competition.
After that, Tunzi was selected to continue as one of the top 35 semifinalists after being selected as one on 26 June 2019.And after several auditions, Tunzi was announced on 11 July as one of the sixteen finalists

After being selected as one of the finalists, Tunzi competed in the Miss South Africa 2019 competition in Pretoria on 9 August.
She was advanced through the stages of the final, progressed to the top ten, then top five, and finally the top two until she was announced as the winner by predecessor Tamaryn Green, besting runner-up Sasha-Lee Olivier.
After her win, Tunzi won many prizes including R1 million, a new car, and a fully furnished apartment in the Sandton neighbourhood of Johannesburg, which is valued at R5 million, for her to use throughout her reign .
This victory allowed Tunzi to represent South Africa at the Miss Universe 2019 competition.

She again competed in the 2019 pageant and won. Her achievement showed all about the beauty and colorism in South Africa.
“I guess they’ve been programmed to not see that black as being beautiful and so the blacker you are, the farther away you are from beauty,” said Zozibini in August 2019 in an interview with SABC.

“I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me, with my kind of skin and my kind of hair, was never considered to be beautiful. And I think that it is time that it stops today. I want children to look at me and see my face and I want to see their faces reflected in mine,” she said later during her closing statement at the contest finals.

Miss South Africa Zozibini Tunzi was announced the winner. Second place went to Miss Puerto Rico Madison Anderson.
Miss Universe 2019, the 68th edition of the Miss Universe competition, was held on December 8, 2019 at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States. Catriona Gray of the Philippines crowned her successor Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa by the end of the event.
This is South Africa’s third win after their recent victory in 2017.
The pageant was hosted by Steve Harvey in his fifth consecutive year, with Olivia Culpo and Vanessa Lachey as backstage correspondents, and with a performance by the singer Ally Brooke. The new Mouawad Power of Unity crown made its debut.

Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe after excelling through rounds of swimsuit and evening gown struts, questions and answers segment on social issues and one final chance to show and explain why she was the right choice to be Miss Universe of the year.

Zozibini Tunzi was named Miss Universe 2019 at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday.
The 26-year-old hails from South Africa, and spends her time working as an activist.
Zozibini biggest passions are ending gender-based violence, and support natural beauty among women all around the world.
Ninety women competed for the coveted title this year.

Tunzi,believes that women should love themselves the way they are.
After the winner announcement, Tunzi pressed her hands together against her head and grinned.
She was then presented with the Miss Universe sash, which was placed over her fabulous, long-sleeved gown.
Tunzi looked emotional as Catriona Gray – who previously served as Miss Philippines and Miss Universe 2018 – placed the crown upon her head.
This year’s crown is called the “Power of Unity,” according to a video from Mouawad Jewelry.

She was up against Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Mexico, who took home second and third place respectively.

“Tonight a door was opened and I could not be more grateful to have been the one to have walked through it.
May every little girl who witnessed this moment forever believe in the power of her dreams and may they see their faces reflected in mine.
I proudly state my name Zozibini Tunzi Miss Universe 2019! ” Tunzi said.

That’s the message from newly-crowned Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, who is from South Africa.
Finalists in the competition were asked a range of questions on topics such as climate change, protest and social media.

What Tunzi said when asking about the important thing to teach to girls:
In her final question, 26-year-old Zozibini was asked what we should be teaching young girls today.
Her answer was leadership.
“I think the most important thing we should be teaching young girls today is leadership. It’s something that has been lacking in young girls and women for a very long time not because we don’t want to, but because of what society has labelled women to be. I think we are the most powerful beings in the world, and that we should be given every opportunity, and that is what we should be teaching these young girls to take up space. Nothing is as important as taking up space in society and cementing yourself.

Zozibini, who won Miss South Africa in August, is described by Miss Universe as “a proud advocate for natural beauty”.
It adds that she’s “a passionate activist and engaged in the fight against gender based violence”.
“She has devoted her social media campaign to change the narrative around gender stereotypes.”

The events mostly focus on the contestants achievements and giving women a voice.
Last year, Great Britain’s contestant Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers told Radio 1 Newsbeat that pageantry still has a place.
“One of the biggest problems that women have in the 21st century is having people listen to them,” she said.
“We have had to be very creative in making a space for ourselves.”
She admitted that questions about pageantry and beauty standards are “understandable”.
“As someone who’s gone through the system, I would advocate for it for young women.”
Another of the world’s biggest beauty pageants, Miss World, has come under criticism recently because of its rules banning mums from competing.
Model Veronika Didusenko, 24, was crowned Miss Ukraine 2018 – but she had her title taken away when organisers found out she had a son.
She’s decided to take legal action against the contest over its policy.
“I want to make them more fit for nowadays and reflect women’s reality today – who can perfectly balance between their careers and their personal life,” she told Newsbeat .
there was another mix-up and Steve Harvey was involved in it. But it was nothing like the 2015 disaster when he called out the wrong winner.
Harvey hosted the pageant for the fifth time sporting a bedazzled green and gold suit jacket.
He was commenting on a costume from earlier in the week and said Miss Philippines won the National Costume Contest. But the woman standing next to him said she was Miss Malaysia.
“Y’all got to quit doing this to me,” he said.
The massive competition was hosted at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta.
It has already made history with Miss Myanmar, Swe Zin Htet, who says she’s the first openly gay contestant.
Last year’s winner, Catriona Gray from the Philippines spoke during Sunday’s pageant, saying the past year has been “unforgettable, life-changing and purposeful.”
“We’re getting this amazing platform to voice the things we’re passionate about, the things we care about,” she said in a video. “I always had a voice, but Miss Universe allowed me to amplify it.”

Miss Dominican and Miss USA showed their personalities:
Clauvid Dály, the contestant representing the Dominican Republic, gave a long answer to her question and answer with Harvey that represented her bold personality. When asked “How are you?” by Harvey, Dály replied, “Well, I won’t lie, Steve, I’m a bit cold. I feel like an ice cream in a freezer.” She then said it would heat up when the swimsuit competition kicked off and prompted the crowd to applaud before she shared a story about a special bracelet that her mother gave her.

In a powerful moment directly after Dály’s time in the spotlight, Mexico’s contestant Sofía Aragón showed that the people who look up to Miss Universe are not looking for a model; they’re looking for a role model.

After that, the United States’ Cheslie Kryst, who has worked as a TV correspondent shared her camera readiness tips for Harvey saying “I usually pin my hair back so it’s out of my face, but I don’t think you’ll have that problem.”

The swimsuit competition:

Miss America pageant has done away with the swimsuit competition, Miss Universe still featured a swimwear segment.

As the top 10 finalists walked the catwalk in colorful swimwear, the music playing was interspersed with voice-over of the women discussing when they feel most powerful. Miss USA said she feels empowered in a swimsuit, but more “in a different kind of suit” since she built a career as an attorney

Harvey’s mixup in miss universe 2019:
After the singer Ally Brooke opened the show followed by the 90 Miss Universe finalists, Harvey launched into a monologue complete with some sense of humor. Harvey had an assist from Vanessa Lachey and Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe 2012), with a passionate audience with many of national fans hoping to see their country’s opponent win the crown of Miss Universe.
Yet another mistake was made from Harvey because of the teleprompter, and culmination of South Africa winning it all.

Right before the winner announcement , the show added a segment for each contestant to share her statement.
Harvey highlighted the winner of the national costume contest.
After showing a photo of Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados in costume and announcing her as the winner, Harvey then said, “This is it right here,” and introduced the contestant beside him, who was obviously wearing different costumes than the one that was just shown on screen.

“It’s not Philippines, it’s Malaysia,” contestant Shweta Sekhon said loudly.

The Miss Universe Organization confirmed in a statement that was sent to the USA that Harvey was correct and Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados is the winner of the 2019 National Costume competition

In a previous time, Harvey joked in 2015 flub with a cartel joke that fell flat

Shortly after coming onstage excitedly, Harvey laughed about the time he announced the wrong winner in 2015.

“I’m hosting again. Fifth time. Can you believe it? I can’t,” he said. “You’ll never really did let go of that Miss Colombia thing. I survived it all. When you fall, get up. Colombia has gotten over that, too. They’ve forgiven me. Well, not all of them. The cartel is still trippin’ a little bit.”

The joke got some strong and adverse reactions on social media, and as the pageant trended on Twitter, many users expressed anger that Harvey was making jokes about cartel violence.

who won Miss Universe national costume winner for 2019:

The Miss Universe pageant is unique among pageants since it consists of a high competition for each woman to show a special and unique costume of choice that best represents each woman culture of their home country. Traditionally, pageants show their best to field some stunning and gorgeous semblance for the national costume competition to win the Miss Universe title before going back home.
Here are some of the best ones, headlined by Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados, who was crowned for the Best National Costume winner during the pageant.

Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados:

A photograph does not properly convey the stunning look of Miss Philippines’ costume. Designed by Cary Santiago, who writes on Facebook that he took his “inspiration from [the Philippines’] national bird,” which is the eagle. There are two enormous eagles sitting on each sleeve of the dress. “The design is not that flamboyant but the details are very intricate” he says. “Its hand-stitched all coming from the same fabric with my signature laser-cut patterns.” Santiago also designed Ganados’ evening gown.
In the Philippines, Miss Universe has many super fans, and the country really gets behind its beauty queens.
The Philippines has produced a total of four Miss Universe winners, which makes it one of the competition’s most successful nations. This year, Ganados made it into the top 20 via the wildcard group, but did not proceed any further.

Elaine Daly ‘extremely disappointed’ over Best National Costume fiasco

Actress Elaine Daly expressed on social media her “extreme disappointment” over the Best National Costume announcement at the Miss Universe 2019 pageant.

The Miss Universe Malaysia national director said Malaysia, who has never been placed at Miss Universe – which was held this year at Atlanta in the United States – nor won anything, just to be disappointed four hours later.

“we found out via Twitter that Miss Philippines was the actual winner,” she said in a statement that was posted on her official Instagram account, which was later reposted by the Miss Universe Malaysia Official Facebook page on Monday (Dec 9).

According to Daly, Paula Shugart, the president of the Miss Universe Organisation in an email reply, said that the Philippines won the online voting, but the producing staff backstage picked their favourite and wanted to showcase Miss Malaysia, Shweta Sekhon.

“However, this was not explained on the show. To all the audience who watched it, it was like as if Malaysia had won,” said Daly.

“Because why would you put a delegate in her costume, have her do interviews and then tell her that she actually didn’t win but was just the producing staff’s choice,” daly added.

Daly revealed that during the live telecast just after the opening round, Shweta was asked to go backstage to change into her national costume for it to be showcased as Best National Costume in the pageant.

After that, the host Steve Harvey announced the Philippines as the winner and even assumed he was talking to Miss Philippines on stage.

Shweta corrected the host by saying, “It’s not the Philippines. It’s Malaysia,” as she continues to explain her costume.

However, the Miss Universe organisers later clarified on its official Twitter account that Miss Philippines was the rightful winner after all and that Harvey was right by announcing Miss Philippine as the winner.
It was announced that Malaysia won the award in an earlier post from the same Twitter account.That post has now been deleted mysteriously.
“Shweta and her national costume will always be a winner to us. I mean, we did get all eyes on Malaysia and we got to show off our culture and heritage, right?” said Daly.
Miss Universe Malaysia Shweta Sekhon ‘totally fine’ with not winning Best National Costume:
Shweta in her evening gown and national costume at the pageant.
Despite the clear disappointment of losing the Miss Universe Best National Costume title having been initially announced as the winner, Miss Universe Malaysia Shweta Sekhon has come out saying that she is ‘totally fine’ with Miss Philippines winning instead.
During the pageant at Atlanta, it was thought that host Steve Harvey had announced that Miss Philippines as an award winner by mistake , with Shweta, who was standing beside him on stage, correcting the host by saying “It’s not the Philippines. It’s Malaysia.

In a lengthy Instagram post later, Shweta expressed that she was thankful for being given the chance to participate in the pageant, and explained from her side what happened during the Miss Universe event.

“4 countries were briefed to be on standby as we were Top 4 for National Costume and Philippines was part of it too. We were told that a picture will be displayed if we made it to top 20 and if we don’t, we would have to put it on,” she wrote in the post.

“The entire day the crew went on finding my costume as I was told to be the WINNER. That is why I got into the costume too…”

She also accepted that the win was not hers, and congratulated Miss Philippines saying that she deserves winning.

“I am totally fine with it because in my eyes, every girl that came to compete is a winner! Philippines or Malaysia, there isn’t any difference because we are ONE!!… Congratulations to the very beautiful @gazinii too!”

Miss Universe Crown 2019:
Miss Universe 2019 crown was crafted by Mouawad.
This year’s crown is called the “Power of Unity”. Mouawad states that the universal themes of nature, strength, beauty, femininity, and unity was the life beginning and inspiration of creating the Miss Universe crown.
Mouawad added:”our specialists are crafting the extraordinary to embrace the value of miss universe and translate them into a diamond crown that represents ambition, diversity, community and beauty.
This extraordinary crown came to life in a complex process that combines the artistry and creative vision using technology and polish diamond to the highest standards”.
The crown is made with 18-karat gold and 1,770 diamonds, including a golden centerpiece splendid diamond weighing 62.83 karat.
The crowns name meant to celebrate a woman for being complex, diverse, unapologetic ambitious and strong.
This represents the community of women from around the world who’s bonds remind them and remind us that we are stronger together than apart and in unity lies power.
In 2019, Mouawad entered into a partnership with the Miss Universe organization.
The creative partnership draws on Mouawad’s strong heritage of designing jewelry for royalty and its reputation for crafting extraordinary craft.

Prizes won by Miss Universe:
Zozibini Tunzi has won the ultimate prize. But becoming Miss Universe it’s not only about the crown.
There’s much more for our queen Tunzi which has scooped several major prizes:
-Tunzi gets a year-long salary as Miss Universe which thought to be more than $100 000.
-A luxury apartment in New York City.
-Her expenses living in the Big Apple, like rent and maintenance to be covered.
-Miss Universe will be gifted a modelling portfolio by high quality fashion photographers
-Dental services, skincare consultations and professional nutritionists will be available to her, for free.
-Tunzi has officially gained professional representation from The Miss Universe Organization
-Tunzi will do a few globetrotting now, too.
-Zozibini Tunzi is expected to be on the red carpet, too.
-She’s likely going to get invited to movie premieres, exclusive screenings and swanky Hollywood launch parties.
-Pageant sponsors Sherri Hill, Chi Haircare and OP Makeup may all offer her many precious deals.
-Finally, Miss Universe will get a personal appearance clothing and styling by the official Miss Universe Organization fashion stylist.

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