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Importance of Education


Education is the key to get success in life. It is a way to know about various skills and enables a person to differentiate between good and bad. It is the education through which we can know about our rights and can speak about injustice and inequalities. We cannot deny the importance of Education because it is an important part of life to achieve goals and a way to conquer the world. 

We are living in a world of technology and we cannot ignore the developments that are happening around us. The credit of all these developments goes to those humans which have spend various part of their lives in doing so.

Education has the power to change someone’s life. Education empowers the person to think better, it enhances our thinking ability and we get things in a creative way. Education is a road map that leads us toward the destination. 

Value of education

We can understand the value of education by example of an educated and uneducated person’s life. An uneducated person cannot be compared with the educated one. There way of living and there way of thinking will be different. An uneducated person may think about shelter and food but the educated one will think about to do something new, he will get the advantage of new opportunities. According to Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon that any person can use to change the world.”

Importance of education for children

         It is the birthright of every child to get a formal education. Education starts from birth and ends on death so it’s a lifelong process. Children’s are the future of our country they are like a seed which need to be nurtured with quality education so they can know about their responsibilities and serve to their nation as a responsible citizen. 

Impact of Education on society

The success of any society depends on the rate the education. Higher education will automatically enhance the economy and they will be better in rank in the race with developing countries. According to Napoleon famous saying “Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilized, educated nation.” 

When we talk about education throughout the world among five one child is away from step into school and overall 57 million children did not step into school. A lot of other children are getting education but quality of that education is not so effective. We are facing difficulties on a global level there is a strong need to stand together to overcome this issue. This is not a general issue, it is an issue of our children’s future, let’s stand together with the aim to educate every child so they can serve better in their society. 

Only giving education is not enough it is also important to give quality education with an effective curriculum and a positive atmosphere. 

Role of Government in the implementation of education

It’s a state responsibility to take serious actions regarding education. There must be a rule in which every student should receive at least basic and school education. Education is like an investment, and it will return with the results of a high economy. Education grows a good political ideology. The level of the higher economy depends on the level of education acquired by the people. 

Right of Education for All

 Education must be accessible to all. Modern societies and innovation of the internet are becoming very helpful to provide education in rural areas. Through the use of recorded videos, social media education is being accessible to every child. 

Why do we need it?

Education helps to live a better life. Some of its major points are given below:

Help to remove poverty- education is the key factor to remove poverty. An educated person will surely obtain some good position in their field or he may start a business and become a key model for his society.

Low crime rate- crimes increase when expenses are more than income. An uneducated person may choose crime to survive but an educated person will rely on his talent and will struggle to run his life. Societies with a higher level of education have a low ratio of crimes.

Women empowerment- education helps to empower women. According to the ancient mindset, she is only responsible for the home but today’s women are serving in every field. She is not only raising her child also she is also trying to earn for her family. Now she has the right to speak, free to stand against violence. She gets this power just because of education and came to know about her legal rights in society. 

Improved communication- education helps to increase the way of communication. An educated person knows how to speak in a difficult situation with confident body posture and with solid views. On the other hand, an uneducated person with low confidence may not be able to prove his point. We cannot deny the importance of education at any point.  

Education in the modern world– We cannot move with the world if we do not have enough skills. Why parents push their children at the age of 3-4 go to school? Just to get the knowledge? No. they want their children to move with the changing world and they must have specific skills to survive, earn and live their life in a better way. There is a clear difference in the life of a child with no education and a child with higher education. 

Benefits of education

There are following important befits of education:

  • Education helps to grow a person socially, personally and economically.
  • Education helps to know about self: who I am? What is my identity? What is the aim of my life?
  • Education helps to differentiate between right and wrong.
  • Education gives the purpose of life
  • Education gives a path and a person can know about his/her destination.
  • Education helps a society to grow better and to earn better.
  • Education decreases the level of crime.
  • Education helps to reduce the level of poverty.

Conclusion Education is an important part of life, it is the right of every person to get a formal education and become a responsible person in society. Education is a power through which we can change the world.

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