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With supporters that continue to grow through the years, ABS CBN stars Kathyrn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are known widely as the teen love team: KathNiel.

Fan pages have conducted various events to show their undying support for the love team as well as provide updates on the activities the pair participate in the time being. This ranges from small gatherings to fan support during their concerts and show appearances.

Throughout this year, the love team engaged in less projects together. They publicly announced that they won’t be participating onscreen to focus more on their individual growth.

Although they were not in movies and shows together, they appeared on television as a couple during special events. Kathryn had even thanked Daniel publicly for supporting her as she worked on projects on her own.

Despite this, their fans did not waver. They continued to make events wherein they can get together and relate to their appreciation for the pair as a way to show that they respect the pair’s decision.

ABS CBN holds a special Christmas concert every year. On December 10th of this year, a variety of Kapamilya stars will be featured in the special showcasing each of their talents in the Araneta Coliseum.

According to KathNiel fans, this is their 9th year appearing in the Christmas special as they trend the hashtag #KathNielFANmilyAsOne all over social media platforms. Because of this, a big project has been planned out by their fan club.

The KathNiel Solidarity Community prepared a number of projects to express their support in today’s event. This group is a membership organization that aims to promote the pair’s activities as well as bring together the fans who share the same amount of admiration for the love team. They will be giving out blue t-shirts to their fellow fans.

KathNiel Allegiance, which is a group under the KNKD Solidarity, has prepared a Shawarma Shack treat for the early birds of today’s event. They will also be giving out cookies in the shape of a heart colored blue, since this is the love team’s color. In case of emergencies, they have a medic ready to aid these concerns.

They also have lights for the love team to see amidst the crowd.

Some KathNiel fans have posted picture comparisons on Twitter showing how bigger and more committed the fanbase has grown. In the said photos, a group of people in the crowd holds up banners and led signs of the love team’s name. It is evident that the group increases in number from looking at the pictures.

KathNiel fans are proud of the love team and it shows in their cheers.

There has also been a recent announcement regarding the love team’s future projects. They will resume activities together in a teleserye premiering next year, 2020, which they are both excited about.

KathNiel fans are just as enthusiastic as the love team since they have been in hiatus as an onscreen paring for quite a long time.

After the announcement was made, KathNiel fans have been talking about it non-stop on social media. Fan pages have already begun promoting it and reporting to their fellow fans that the movie is definitely something to anticipate.

Even after a long time off screen, Kathryn and Daniel have always been receiving encouragement from their fan club; together as a pair, and individually as themselves.

Truly, KathNiel fans show their dedication through their sincere words of love and support towards the couple.

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