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Signs That You Could Be An Entrepreneur


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Many would aspire to be their own boss someday.  Is it for everyone? If you are an entrepreneur – you are unique in your own way as you act and do differently from the rest. You draw breakthrough ideas based on your habits, mindsets and traits. Entrepreneurship comes with it a kind of responsibility, freedom and flexibility – but more than that, discipline. You may have an entrepreneurial spirit if you have certain distinctive skills and traits that you can find here in the list.  But even if you just have a few of these traits is enough to make you start on your own than work for somebody else. 

Here are the telltale signs that you are cut to be an entrepreneur: 

  • People Skills

Having social presence might be a realistic judgment to a potential entrepreneur. You don’t enjoy being a loner, but love the company of working with groups of people. You are able to connect the dots easily working out unlikely partnerships. You are pretty likable so people tend to gravitate towards you. One reason is due to your being passionate and having good communication skills.  These skills help you build better relationships. In the same way, you are more inclined to surrounding yourself with quality people – those who are able to lift you up no matter what.  Clearly, your family and friends are the people who keep you going – they’re there to support you all the time. 

  • Creative Thinking

Creativity is a trait not only artists and writers have but entrepreneurs as well.  While it has been found out in a research that 47% of the population are creative thinkers, this increases if you talk about entrepreneurs. One manifestation that entrepreneurs think differently is when they solve common problems with novel ways. Isn’t that true? Entrepreneurs think logically with ideas on how to correct a situation. They see opportunities and come up with groundbreaking solutions. They usually make things better and take actions on them willingly. They do not like the status quo. They often ask why people do the things they do.  Even if they have an absurd idea – they will check into it through market research if customers will go for it or not. They will experiment to see if this will make money in the long run.

  •  Passion & Self-Confidence

You’re determined and make possible the impossible. There will be situations when you spend so much time and do not make any money. It’s what passion is all about.  You are always upbeat and full of confidence.  How can anyone around believe in you if you are not? A relaxed, carefree attitude is not a match to your remarkable success as an entrepreneur. You have to keep going and love what you’re doing. There will be roadblocks along the way but with that undeniable passion – you will stay on top despite the setbacks. An entrepreneur will never ever give up at all. 

  • Competitiveness & Initiative  

Strategizing and winning mixes perfectly into business. It is a valid reason why some companies rely on athletes for sales positions.  You excel when faced with rivalry.  If you are competitive by nature, it forces you to not just be better but definitely the best. You want to be in command of your own company. You often think that whatever you do on a daily basis  – there should be a return on investment. As an entrepreneur, you’re ready and willing to make adjustments when things do not turn out the way you wanted them to be. You do things on your own without being told or encouraged to do so because you have the drive and initiative.  Work is priority so you do a project until it is completed.  An entrepreneur wears a number of hats – working through the business even if he goes outside the box. Because if not, what is there to change?  Being an entrepreneur is not a job but a lifestyle – check if you’re one.

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