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Pop sensation, Justin Bieber, made his debut in the year 2009 with his EP “My World” and has been loved by many ever since. In January 2010, he came out with “Baby” that immediately made its way to mainstream radio therefore receiving lots of recognition all around the globe.

He is known as one of the biggest popstars of the generation, making appearances in various shows and going on numerous tours worldwide.

Despite the issues that have sprung up in the past at the time he was growing, many of his fans continue to support him and believe that he can be a better person.

His style had constantly changed as he slowly matured which his fans had accepted wholly. In fact, his supporters seemed to be the most proud and enthusiastic about seeing Bieber grow.

Although for a while now, he’s been on hiatus. During this period of time away from the media, he was seen living his life much normally than it was before. From the looks of it, he focused more on his self-growth as an individual rather than a well-known popstar.

Even when he was on a break from music, he continued to receive rewards and nominations for his past achievements and his impact on music.

Bieber wasn’t complete away from the world, as he continued to post on Twitter and Instagram a few updates to provide his fans. He would also still have endorsements and would model for different brands.

He was even able to get married sometime on September year 2018, which happened secretly in a Manhattan courthouse, two months after his engagement. His wife being Hailey Baldwin-Bieber. They later prepared for a church wedding that blew up on both social media platforms and the news. Bieber’s fans sent their congratulations and were evidently happy for the newly-weds.

With the amount of time he had focusing on himself, he was able to do so much and his fans are proud of him and the things he has achieved so far.

However, he continued to work on music to present to his fans who have been by his side for the longest time.

This week, Bieber had released a teaser via his social media accounts. He posts a still image that with a starry background and the number 2020 written in the middle. He even changed the banners and display images on his social media accounts to this specific photo.

It had been trending everywhere seconds after it has been posted, from social media to entertainment news.

So many people are excited for this upcoming release, especially his supporters.

A few people on twitter had been sharing their thoughts on this soon-to-be album, to which there are lots of positive reactions.

People are posting about how they’ve waited so long for this moment, and how the “King is back”.

While there are some people with negative views, his fans are able to overpower these with their excitement and positivity regarding this album.

He had also announced that he will be going on tour in the year 2020, which brings even more joy to his supporters as well.

Dates are soon to be announced along with other details for his upcoming activities and events.

Regardless of being away for 4 years, Bieber continues to gain the same amount of support and love from his loyal fans whom he can finally give back to!

2020 is definitely going to be a great year for Bieber and his supporters.

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