Travel National Day in Bahrain in 2019

National Day in Bahrain in 2019


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History and background 

Bahrain which is also called the kingdom of Bahrain is situated in the Persian Gulf. The word Bahrain is derived from the Arabic word “AL bayan” which means two seas. This country consists of 35 islands between the Qatar peninsula and the northeastern coast of Saudi Arabia. Bahrain is a historical country that dates back at least 5000 years and was considered as the home of old Dilmun civilization.

It was a British colony since 1960; we can say that it was under control of the British. At the end of world war II Bahrain’s people disconnected from the British presence in their state, while on the 15th august 1971 Bahrain’s signed a treaty with the British and they left this state completely. 

In its early years, Bahrain was called Tylos and in the 7th century, Bahrain became an Islamic nation. Till 1783 when the Al Khalifa family became ruler of Persia, Bahrain was controlled by different forces. Bahrain came under procession of British in 1830 after Khalifa signed an agreement with the United Kingdom. In 1935 Britain’s established its main military base in Bahrain. In 1968 Britain announced the ending of agreement and after that Bahrain joined a union of Arab emirates. In 1971 Bahrain was officially announced the independent country.

Importance of Bahrain’s national Flag

The flag of Bahrain is divided into two colors white and red. The flag is consisting of 5 triangles that is a sign of 5 pillars of Islam. 

Bahrain’s visiting/tourist point

If you want to visit Bahrain then there are various exciting places that you can visit, these places include Qal’at Al-Bahrain, al Fateh grand mosque at Manama, Al-Areen wildlife park, Al-dar island Bahrain, and Manama souk. 

Celebration of Bahrain’s National day

Bahrain’s national day is always celebrated on the 16th of December and so on 17th December, so people get two holidays to celebrate their national day. This date is important to remember two important events of the history: first, they got independence on 15th of August from British but they celebrate their day on 16 December, Second it’s a day of their ruler Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa al Khalifa’s anniversary that is the major reason for celebration of their event on this date.

They have huge respect for their leader because through his reforms he made the country stable and till now they are spending an independent and happy life. 

How people of Bahrain celebrate their national day

The celebration starts in December and remains until the end of the month. Celebrations for the national day are widespread throughout the Bahrain in every part of the island. This day has great importance for the people of Bahrain. They have a unique style of celebrating this event in which they show love, respect for their leader as well as future reforms by the government are done on this day. They celebrate this day through: 

  • firework displays
  • Flags are set out all around the highway and where ever possible to show their love for their kingdom.
  • cultural shows
  • light shows at night
  • colorful decorations of public monuments
  • exhibitions
  • carnivals
  • heritage show
  • through arranging many contests 
  • Air parades
  • Folk dances
  • Singing national anthem
  • Speeches to recall the sacrifice and efforts of their heroes that make them able to celebrate this event 
  • The government announces many new projects on a national day.

Firework- this is the way to share their joy and happiness with their friends, loved ones. This firework celebration held on a vast level and many fireworks show go throughout the kingdom. This firework show also held at water Garden city on the 15th of December. 

Festivals- one of the biggest festivals held at Bahrain international circuit, which remains for 4 days and people take part in this festival to show their love and talent to their kingdom mates. 

Exciting Things that are going to happens on national day 2019

  • Four murals will be painted throughout Bahrain to make it more brighten.
  • To take a break from your work it is the best time to spend your holiday like a tourist you should visit the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain that are offering rooms. There you can spend your holiday on a beach or you can take a deep sleep which makes you fresh and healthy and you will go back with new energy and will perform better at your work.

Schedule for 2019 National day celebrations

If you want to become a part of this grand celebration you should know about the schedule that what is going on throughout these special days:

  • Four days biggest festival at Bahrain international circuit
  • Firework show at water garden city on December 15, 2019At the event many famous singers will perform
  • At the end of this month, the water garden city will arrange a 10-day festival which will include various food stalls and competitions. 


Bahrain is a Kingdom with 35 islands in it. Although Bahrain got independence on August 15th, 1971 but the celebrate their national day on the 16th of December due to their leader’s anniversary celebration in which they pay tribute to the person who help to get independence from British and stable their country. 

There is a national holiday from December 16 to December 17, in which people celebrate their national day and show a great gesture of love, unity, and kingdom. The flag of Bahrain had 5 triangles that are a sign of 5 pillars of Islam, the flag is similar to Oman’s flag but they have 9 pillars in it. If you visit Bahrain on its national day you will never regret to visit this historical place. You will found a lot of celebrations in different ways like foreshow, exhibitions, contests, speeches, folk dances, etc. you can also visit various historical places that will become part of your memory for a long time. You would definitely love this place. 

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