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Qatar National Day


18th December is celebrated as Qatar national day or it is also called Founder day. This day is a public holiday. Generally, Saturday and Sunday are weekends in Qatar, if 18th December falls on Weekend then the following Sunday is observed as a public holiday. 


Qatar National day is celebrated in memory of Sheikh Jasim bin Muhammad Al Thani who succeeded his father in 1878 as a ruler of Qatar. The first time National day was celebrated in 2007 to give people an occasion to remember the history and recognition of their country and to commemorate those people who worked and played their role in making Qatar a great nation. 


Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani is considered a great ruler of Qatar he was only a ruler he was a great leader, judge, and a scholar. He was the person that decided to get a separate state in which every person may live independently and according to his choice. Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani was born in 1827. He was a true Muslim and knows law, science, and Islam.

Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani took steps to build seaports, harbors, and shipbuildings that supported the pearl trade and at that time Qatar was the main source of Pearls in the region. Qatar’s commercial relations were expended with India and African countries. These relations were helpful in creating extra employment opportunities and to improve the living standards of people of Qatar. The population of Qatar was also increased and urbanization was also expanded during the region of sheik Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani.

Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani passed away in 1913, but the people of Qatar still remember the leadership of their great and beloved ruler. National day is celebrated 

on the same date when sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani took command of Qatar as a ruler.

In 1916 Qatar became a British protective. After the end of World War 2 British forces were losing their importance in the Persian Gulf. In 1947 India got freedom from Britain. On 3rd September 1971, Qatar declared himself an independent country. Before 2007, 3rd September was celebrated as National day.

National Flag of Qatar

National Flag of Qatar is displayed as the National symbol of Qatar; this is called Ladaam or Al Adaam. Qatari National flag is of dominated maroon color with a nine-pointed edge in white color. The first time Qatari National flag was raised in 1971 when Qatar was declared an independent country. The maroon color of the flag symbolizes the banner of sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani and the nine-pointed edges represent Qatar as 9th member of the reconciled Emirates.

Qatar National Day celebrations

Qataris celebrate their national day with jovial spirit. To show the significance of this day the Government of Qatar organizes various events as it is a historic day for the country. On the morning of 18th December, there is a national parade through the Doha Corniche. Public and Government officials attend this parade. Thousands of people enjoy aerial and sea shows organized by the Navy and Air force of Qatar. Light and water shows take place during the afternoon. In the evening skies light up with the stunning fireworks that are sponsored by Government. On this day Doha is filled up with people to enjoy the National day events. In other parts of the country, local authorities arrange different cultural and musical shows to entertain the people. Opera and musical shows, classic car shows, trade festivals, sword dances, flag relay, and many other events people wait throughout the year for this day. In 2018 the Drone Air show was conducted in which 500 drones made aerial maps of Qatar.

Cancelation of National day celebrations in 2016

Government of Qatar ordered to cancel the National Day celebrations in 2016 to show solidarity with the people of Aleppo as there was a civil war in Syria. His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Amir of Qatar, has ordered the cancellation of all celebrations and events of the national day.

Qatar National Day 2019

Like other years they were excited to celebrate the national day on 18 December 2019 to remember the success that the get in 1878 in which they also pay tribute to their leader.

The slogan for Qatar National day 2019 is the path of excellence is difficult” this Slogan is the part of the poem of the Founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed. 

Events of the 2019

This year if you visit Qatar on its national day you will be able to see:

Aspire Zone Foundation- they are going to celebrate the event throughout the week. Their event will start on the 12th of December which will ends on the 18th of December.Throughout the event, there will be cultural celebrations, various competitions and shooting computation too.They also organize air activities to entertain the kids.

Darb Al Saai –If you visit the Darb Al Saai there will be numerous activates that take place from 12th December to 20th of December. 

Katara cultures Village- they arrange serious of activates to celebrate their national day. In which they included various shows, exhibitions, competitions, and firework shows. The government also supports them for these events. There is the following list of activates that will take place this day for the celebration of their national day:

  • Celebration of events through cultural dance they are also displaying loyalty book of national day from last many years
  • Firework shows
  • Drone display shows
  • Parade
  • Classic cars display
  • They also arrange a workshop in which they teach the Arabic language to the children’s
  • The entire village decorated according to the color of its national flag. 

Ministry of interior

  • They arrange events in which people of different nation’s shows their cultural dance like Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangladesh.
  • They also arrange musical concerts.
  • The safety program is also arranged in which they educate people about their safety and security. 

Balloon festival- Another festival is arranged to celebrate the national day in which they collect 30 balloons around the world. This event also held at Aspire Park to celebrate their national day.

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