News This van in Dubai can detect people with drugs...

This van in Dubai can detect people with drugs and explosives while on the move


A high-tech van was recently launched in UAE that is fitted with special metal and luggage detectors.

The first-of-its-kind van was launched by the UAE Federal Customs Authority (FCA) and can detect illegal substances and drugs carried by smugglers while on the high-ways.

The van will be roaming around UAE roads starting February 26, reported by Gulf News.

Apart from roaming around the UAE roads, the van will also be taken to local customs and border check-points within the UAE when it’s required.

“The van is equipped with a body scanner, conventional luggage scanner and drugs, and explosive detection units, besides fake currency and document detectors,” a spokesperson from FCA was quoted as saying by Gulf News, adding that it can also detect radiation and chemical components.

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