Kabayan bed space available? You’ll get deported if you’re caught sticking these posters


People who will be caught by Sharjah police illegally sticking posters and bills across the emirate will be deported.

The Sharjah Police upped its efforts to crack down illegal doers by partnering with Sharjah Municipality.

The two government departments will intensify its inspection, and as a matter of fact, there have already been reports of people who were kicked out from the UAE.

A total of 50 inspectors are now roaming around Sharjah to catch people sticking illegal advertisements on walls and buildings.

Sticking illegal posters and bills is not allowed in places of worship, archeological buildings, government buildings, as well as any religious, historical, or cultural buildings, public facilities, any places, that impede traffic or visibility on the road.

“The municipality is keen to remove all distortions such as illegal billboards installed in various areas to promote the sale or lease of land, or anything else. The phenomenon of illegal advertisements has recently been increased in the city. Stickers, posters, billboards, and pamphlets that advertise the sale of items or lease of bed spaces and residential units covered the walls of buildings, electric posts, telephone booths, etc,” Mohammed Al Kaabi, head of the city’s cleanliness control department at the municipality, was quoted as saying by Khaleej Times.

Aside from getting deported, violators will also face AED 4,000 hefty fines.


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