A new virus called ‘hantavirus’ has killed a man in China


As China slowly recovers from the pandemic coronavirus and the world struggles to fight back from it, a new virus in one of its provinces has taken a man’s life.

The new virus is called hantavirus and it taken the life of a Chinese man from Yunnan Province.

“A person from Yunnan Province died while on his way back to Shandong Province for work in chartered bus on Monday. He was tested for hantavirus. The 32 other people on the bus were [also] tested,” China’s Global Times reported.

Hantaviruses, as defined by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are a family of viruses that are spread mainly by rodents and can cause varied disease in people.

Hantaviruses in Americas may cause one hantaviruses pulmunary syndrome (HPS). Meanwhile, other hantaviruses are mostly found in European and Asian countries and may cause hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.

Unlike the new coronavirus, the hantaviruses are not airborne. This can only infect people if they come in contact with urine, feces, and saliva or rodents and less often by a bite from an infected host.

Fever, fatigue, muscle aches, as well as headaches, dizziness, chills and abdominal problems are just some of the symptoms of hantaviruses.


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