Going to the grocery store? You need to show receipt to Dubai police


With the 24 hour national disinfection programme took effect last night, residents are advised to stay home and only go out for essentials.

Those exempted from the program is are those residents going out to buy essential food, medicine, or visiting hospitals. This also intensifies restrictions on the movement of people and vehicles.

When stopped by a patrol or detected by radar, Dubai Police said that the person should show receipt as proof.

The Dubai Police, on Twitter, said that radars will record all violators during the two-week period. People who go out must show receipt to prove the reason for their movement.

“The permit has been stopped, please keep the documents for the necessary review of the hospital for future reference upon request if you are violated from the radar,” Dubai Police added.

It added that radars will record all vehicles in Dubai around the clock. The public is also advised to wear gloves and masks and keep safe distance.


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