Filipino org in Dubai to distribute ‘pagkaing pinoy food pack’


A total of 300 packs of Filipino food will be distributed by the Filipino Social Club to OFWs hardest-hit by Covid-19 crisis.

The ‘Pagkaing Pinoy Food Pack’ for dinner will be distributed to OFWs living in Satwa, Karama and Bur Dubai.

The CDA-regulated organization limit the beneficiaries to the following categories:

  1. Terminated from work
  2. No work, no pay
  3. Leave without pay
  4. Visit visa
  5. Salary reduction
  6. Salary lower than AED 1,000

To avail this, please log in your details at this form.


  1. Hello po,good day!bali po more than 1 month na wala ako work!no work no pay po ako,sana matulungan nyo po ako!maraming salamat

  2. Hi good day FILsoc Care!
    I see that you are given filipino food packs to those OFW residing here in Dubai that affected of this covid19.We are Kabayan that need help in this situation,all of us are living in one place no work no pay,cancelled visa and forced leave with out pay. We hope and pray that you can help us. May our Almighty God Blessed your organization more so that you can continue to help more needy people.Thanks

  3. HEllo poh!!…no work no pay poh ako!!..dito po ako sa internatinal city,China cluster nakatira at ng work sa dragonmat China mall…thanks poh!

  4. Hi sir and madam how are you today ?No work no pay from in satwa 0569108968 bus station I need help ..thanks

  5. Ginalyn Abarca
    I am live out nanny and for now I am no work no pay , strangull for my daily food, wish you could help me.
    Thank you so much and God bless

  6. Im working in school since march until now i dont have work but now no work no pay.the company gives 1k drhm this month of april next month we dont kno if we have still salry becouse still no work no school

  7. Mam and sir hope you will help us also were here in satwa no work no pay kahit assistance na galing sa company namin walk po kaming natatanggap sana po matulungan nyo kami salamt and godbless po

  8. I am cancelled visa ,, due of this virus my new company who gave me the employment offer withdraw And not continuing to process my employment visa,
    For the moment im holding tourist visa in order to stay here legally.
    I been waited for the job for almost 3months.
    Please if you could help me as i .
    Whatever help you may help is highly appreciated.
    Thank you

  9. I am living in satwa affected by this crisis covid 19 iam new on my company and iam belong to no work no pay as per company due to crisis. Needed your help. Thank you so much


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