Dubai’s public transport services likely to reopen in a week


As restrictions for some establishment in the emirate ease, the Dubai Economy revealed new guidelines and procedures for the reopening of public transport service in Dubai.

The Dubai metro has been closed last April 5 as the country holds the national disinfection programme. According to a Khaleej Times report, Dubai Metro will likely to reopen in a week as the Dubai Economy releases a set of guidelines to be followed by passengers.

When it reopens, the timings during the first phase will be for 12 hours–from 7am to 7pm.

Below are the complete guidelines:

  • Operate all stations in the Red Line (except station within restricted areas)
  • Activate the waiting time (3 minutes) during the peak hours, and reassess after a week based on the demand and directions from relevant entities

Passengers will be mandated to wear masks and only one or two person per elevator. Escalators, meanwhile, will be closed.


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