Emirati man whose parents died due to Covid-19 tells residents to follow rules


    A video of an Emirati man whose both parents succumbed to Covid-19 has an important message to the pubic.

    Saud bin Ahmed said in a video that’s making the rounds now on social media to follow the protocols laid by the authorities to protect their loved ones during these trying times.

    “My father was feeling tired this morning, and by afternoon he was no more,” he said in a video.

    He added that the authorities are going to conduct regular check-up on him because he had interacted with his parents before their death.

    He further added that the country is doing its best to safeguard and protect residents in the country from getting contracted the virus.


    1. I have my cousin tested to covid 19 and she was positive they called her and informed that they will arrange the facility so she can be transfer in 36 hours,but its already 6days we call them to follow up same answer but no action, no one call her to check her status the thing is we’re 16 people in the room with pregnant woman and my mother which is diabetic, for now we just pray and wait 14days hoping that no one will show any symptoms 🙏🙏🙏


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