News #PhilHealth trends on Twitter UAE, user says OFWs not...

#PhilHealth trends on Twitter UAE, user says OFWs not a milking cow


The government of the Philippines through PhilHealth is now requiring all overseas Filipino workers to pay 3 to five percent of their salaries as direct contributor of premium insurance, and Twitter users are so against this ‘unconscionable and insensitive’ decision.

The hashtag #PhilHealth did not only trend on Twitter Philippines but also here in the UAE.

Here are some of the reactions from the users:

@teamphilhealth You know what’s even PAINFUL? All stated was how much to pay but never stated how its gonna benifit us OFW’s. #philhealth— Sarah (@FilipinaAbroad) May 3, 2020

OFWs are not milking cow. NO to Philhealth’s 3% Premium Payment from OFW’s salary.#philhealth #sayitsocial #NoToPhilhealthMandatoryContribution— Say it Social (@sayitsocial) May 3, 2020

OFWs are crying because of the new Philhealth provision.

They blame bill authors and co authors, even past administration, for the new law.

They blame everyone except The President who request the Senate to pass the bill urgently and subsequently signed it. ?‍♀️— Iya (@yangsmind) May 3, 2020

Common sense PhilHealth, OFW membership should not be mandatory. We don’t need redundant health insurance, lest an extra one that care less.— ikeng davan (@ikeMTG1724) May 3, 2020

NO TO MANDATORY PhilHealth CONTRIBUTION. NO TO 3% – 5%. This is too much. ??? @teamphilhealth— Mr. Chan (@JMTian) May 3, 2020

Can us OFWs not be silent about this? Its frustrating especially on family like ours where 3 of us in the family is working overseas, imagine that’s 60,000php for us annually at 3% in 2020 and could go up to 90,000php at 5% on 2025. Shame on you @teamphilhealth #Philhealth— C? (@kayiskim) May 3, 2020

All OFW Are Against this STUPID Philhealth BILL.
Tatay Digong Would mind please to reconsider your approval to this Bill if still love the OFW?— @Noldskie75 (@TolorioV) May 3, 2020

Its more FUNds in the Philippines. #philhealth #Philippines— ʙᴇʀʏʟ #ʙɪsᴅᴀᴋ (@bisdak_ni) May 3, 2020

Is #PHILHEALTH really obligating OFW’s to contribute a 3% of their wage? Seriously Philhealth?! Stop treating OFW’s as your milking cows! They deserve better.— Teena Ditona (@teena_ditona) May 3, 2020

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