E-learning in UAE to continue in 2021 if Covid-19 crisis lasts


As normal classes in the UAE ‘still under review’, schools in the UAE are gearing up for e-learning to continue into 2021.

The Ministry of Education in the UAE said on Sunday that the end of e-learning and reopening of schools was ‘still under review’ as Covid-19 crisis goes on.

Assistant undersecretary at the ministry Fawzia Gharib was quoted as saying by The National that e-learning from home would continue to account for 100 percent of lessons.

“The other scenario with the Covid-19 outbreak under control, pupils would do 70 percent of their study in school and 30 percent at home,” the undersecretary added.

‘Transitional stage’ will take place before classes return to normal, she anticipated.

Earlier in March, e-learning has been mandated for schools.

Chief Executive Officer of Taalem Alan Williamson said in The National that online learning would continue in some form into the 2020 to 2021 academic year.

“We will open in September but blended learning is likely to continue, A majority of schools will open to a majority of pupils. Schools have been discussing the 70/30 option where schools will be open to 70 percent of pupils at any point of time. Everyone is looking to the totality of the curriculum reappearing in January 2021,” he said.


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