Georgia, Filipino’s favorite travel destination, reopen international flights for tourists


As Georgia successfully combat the spread of coronavirus, it is now reopening its borders for international flights for tourists.

The country one of the Filipino’s favorite travel destinations. It has closed its border as a precautionary measure by suspending its tourism business.

Georgia is set to reopen its domestic tourism on June 15 and international flights on July 1.

“The Georgian government has a plan and this plan will be implemented. From June 15, Georgia will open to provide local tourism services, and from July 1, the country will be ready to receive foreign tourists. We will do this by creating a safe corridor on land border with our neighboring countries, as well as by bilateral negotiations with countries that are interesting to us in terms of tourism. These negotiations have already begun. Georgia will be one of the countries to open its borders and tourist infrastructure to receive guests from abroad,” Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia said in a statement.


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