AMNESTY: Visit and residence visa violators can now leave UAE without paying fines


Visa violators in the UAE will be given three-month grace period to leave the country from May 18.

This announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Federal Authority for Identity Citizenship covers those residents and on tourists who overstay. They will be exempted from identity card and departure fees, cancellation of permit fees and renewal of labor permit fees.

If they wish to leave, they can easily return to the country without any hassle.

UAE’s amnesty also covers those employees who have absconded from their sponsors and violators of employment contracts and labor cards, only if the violation occurred before March 1.


      • Dear Asma my friend has overstayed for a year, does the amnesty cover her also…she really needs help to return home please.
        Any advice you can please Whatsapp me +233249293141

    • I hope they will include cancelled visa also.. It’s not our fault na hindi makalabas ng bansa because of always cancelled flights… 😭

  1. Gosto ko naren po umuwi hinge po ako tolong hnd ko hawak passport ko kinuha
    Nang egent ko kahit yong visa wla po ako copy wla den po ako trabaho ngaon sana matolongan po ako panu kaya mag uply ng amnesty?


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