No, Carrefour is not giving away a coupon worth AED250


A new chain message has been going viral on WhatsApp, this time it promises to give a coupon worth AED250 from Carrefour.

To avail the coupon, the users are urged to send the same link to 20 people on WhatsApp.

“Carrefour stands in solidarity with the nation and giving free AED250 coupon to everyone,” the message read along with a suspicious link.

Carrefour did not announce in their website that they’re giving away coupon to stand in solidarity with the country. In their social media accounts, they also did not announce this.

When one clicks the link, it shows France’s Carrefour logo and not of the UAE.

The message that’s making the rounds on WhatsApp seems to be a dodgy website. The page is almost identical with the same fraudulent website that had gone viral mid-May claiming that expats working in the UAE from 1990 to 2020 will be given AED4,000.

The website has been known to be fraudulent or infected with malware and users are advised not to click it.


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