Are you an OFW outside the UAE? Here’s what you should do to get an entry permit


Starting June 1, all UAE residents outside the country will be allowed to go back but all are mandated to register to a website to secure an entry permit.

OFWs and other expats who have residence visa and are currently outside the UAE must log in to Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship’s (ICA) website: to secure ‘Residents’ Entry Permit.’

Below are the steps that one should follow:

1. Using Emirates ID, register at

2. Log in required details in the website and at the Main Menu, click ‘Contact Us’ and then click ‘Public Services.’

3. Find ‘Other Services–Residents Outside the UAE–Entry Permission–Issue’ then click ‘Start Service’.

4. Continue filling out required information.

5. Attach reason/s of visit outside UAE. One can attach their flight tickets in the menu.

6. Review all details provided.

7. Submit the application and then keep the request number to track your permit application in the future.

8. Place the secure number in the ‘Tracking for Public Service’ to track your permit application.


  1. Hi, do they have any criterias on whom they would allow to enter? Or they need any certain requirements for them to allow us to enter back?

    Me and my wife have tried to apply for this, and unfortunately both our request got rejected. Can we re-apply again?
    Your reply would be appreciated. Thank you.


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