Thousands of OFWs stuck in quarantine facilities for almost two months already


    Thousands of OFWs have been reportedly stranded in quarantine facilities in the Philippines although some of them have already tested negative for the novel coronavirus.

    In a Facebook post by GMA’s news reporter Raffy Tima, these OFWs came from different countries in Middle East and it was almost two weeks ago since they know that they are negative for the new coronavirus.

    The OFWs are told that they are not allowed to return to their respective provinces because their certificates or proof that they’re negative for the virus haven’t printed yet.

    One OFW has already reported to commit suicide in the same facility in the Philippines, while others admit feeling depressed despite receiving free food and accommodation.

    “Bagama’t libre ang kanilang pagkain at accommodation, ang walang katiyakan kung kailan makakauwi sa kanilang mga tahanan ay nakakaapekto na sa kanilang kaisipan,” Tima’s post added.

    One of the OFWs in the facility has two kids with him, running out of reasons why they are still being quarantined.


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