News Qatar reveals four-phase plans for gradually lifting Covid-19 restrictions

Qatar reveals four-phase plans for gradually lifting Covid-19 restrictions


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As Qatar gradually lifts movement restrictions in the country, the Ministry of Public Health bared the four phases that the public must follow in order to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Dr. Hanan Mohammed Al Kuwari of the Ministry of Public Health said in an Al Jazeera report that easing restrictions will be gradual and in stages.

Below are the stages written by the Ministry of Public Health:

Phase 1

  • 80% of the employees working remotely and selected private healthcare facilities will open.
  • Essential and high-value shops will be allowed to open while operating under restricted hours.
  • Professional training for sports will be reinstated provided that it’s outdoor only and that it’s 1:1 and 1:5.
  • As for the education sector, school exams will proceed upon confirmation from the Ministry of Education.

Phase 2

The second stage will see the social distancing restrictions starting to relax as the following will be allowed:

  • Social gatherings of less than 10 people will be allowed.
  • The public will now be able to enjoy outdoor facilities again such as parks, Corniche, and beaches along with museums and libraries.

*For the businesses, all shops will be permitted to reopen, including Souq Waqif albeit operating still in shortened hours.

*Wholesale markets will now be open again to the public.

*However, food establishments will still operate through takeaway and delivery.

*The closure of entertainment and leisure facilities will continue.

*For outdoor sports, professional training of groups of less than 10 people will now be allowed.

Phase 3

The most awaited lifting of restrictions on inbound flights will happen at this stage.

*Low-risk inbound flights for priority passengers will resume, which includes flights for returning residents.

*More businesses will also reopen including the following:
health clubs
-beauty and massage parlors
-gyms and pools
-barbershops and hairdressers (50% capacity)
-driving schools
-all souqs ( restricted hours)
-all malls will now open for full hours with the exclusion of entertainment and leisure facilities.
-Businesses will now be allowed to have 40% of their employees return to the workplace.

*Social gatherings of less than 40 people will now be allowed with mosques and other places of worship to gradually reopen.

*Families will be able to enjoy playgrounds and skate parks again.

*For the sports sector, team training and amateur sports comprised of less than 40 people will now be allowed. Team competitions are now permitted provided there are no spectators.

Phase 4

The final stage will see the return to “normalcy” as the state furthers the easing of restrictions.

*All gatherings are now allowed to happen:
-Business-related mass gatherings
-Trade shows and conferences
-Entertainment-related mass gatherings like large concerts, festivals, exhibitions, events, summer camps, summer clubs, and summer cultural activities.
-Mosques and religious gatherings will continue to reopen.

*On the business side, we will see the reopening of:
-Food outlets
-Food trucks
-Theatres and cinemas
-Nurseries and childcare facilities
-Food courts inside malls and restaurants will be allowed to have a dine-in 50% occupancy.

*Metro and bus services will start again (restricted service)

*The travel sector will see more inbound flights coming in (as advised by MoPH) and cruise ship visits.

*Personal boats, sea cruisers, and excursion boats will be allowed to set sail again.

*At this point, 60% of the employees can now return to the workplace and the new academic year for students will now commence.

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