UAE-based Filipino doc says ‘physical barrier’ vital if housemate is Covid-19 positive


A Filipino physician based in the UAE said ‘physical barrier’ is important if someone living in shared accommodation showed symptoms or tested positive for Covid-19.

“Basic recommendation ng international guidelines sa home quarantine is to have a separate room,” Dr. Alvin Torres said in a Facebook live interview at the Kalayaan 2020 page.

He recommends that instead of using curtains to maintain privacy in double bunk beds, they should use shower curtains as it’s easier to clean and disinfect compared ti cloth curtains.

Torres cited some researches that the virus scan easily lodge itself in cloths.

“There have been studies showing that the virus doesn’t stay long in the air if the room is well-ventilated,” he added.

He further added that social distancing must always be observed especially in common areas like the kitchen.

Those who have close contact with patients with Covid-19 are advised to get tested for the virus as per the guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO).


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