News PETITION: Reduce air fares for OFWs who wish to...

PETITION: Reduce air fares for OFWs who wish to go back to Philippines


OFWs in the Middle East have launched an online petition to reduce the air fare for the displaced OFWs who wish to go back to the Philippines.

Sign the petition below:

PETITION: Reduce air fares for OFWs who want to go back to Philippines

We, ordinary OFWs, and affected by Covid-19 pandemic, want to go back to the Philippines.
Some of us are terminated, some are visit visa holders.
The Philippine missions cannot accommodate everyone who wants to go back home through their repatriation program.
We, ordinary OFWs, are running out of money and what we have right now is just enough to survive.
We have a few savings--enough to buy a one-way ticket to the Philippines.
However, the regular price for a one-way ticket is unimaginably high. Some cost more than AED3,000.
We, ordinary OFWs, petition to lower the air fares for OFWs who are currently displaced and want to go back to the Philippines.

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Sign now and make this petition be heard.
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442 Ms Alma S. Aug 10, 2020
441 Ms Margie M. Jul 08, 2020
440 Ms Marites G. Jun 17, 2020
439 Ms Aimee G. Jun 15, 2020
438 Ms Erlyn R. Jun 12, 2020
437 Mr Gino G. Jun 11, 2020
436 Ms Sheryl D. Jun 10, 2020
435 Ms Mary Ann M. Jun 10, 2020
434 Mrs Ivy grace M. Jun 09, 2020
433 Ms Rose Marie C. Jun 09, 2020
432 Mrs May G. Jun 09, 2020
431 Ms Sharon F. Jun 09, 2020
430 Mrs Sheryll A. Jun 09, 2020
429 Ms Rechelle C. Jun 09, 2020
428 Ms Maria Luisa Q. Jun 09, 2020
427 Ms Myrnalyn D. Jun 09, 2020
426 Ms Tracy Joyce O. Jun 09, 2020
425 Mr Roy L. Jun 08, 2020
424 Mr danilo m. Jun 08, 2020
423 Ms francia m. Jun 08, 2020
422 Ms Jemariel G. Jun 08, 2020
421 Ms Jaydell Milliscent R. Jun 08, 2020
420 Mr Joeshel B. Jun 08, 2020
419 Ms Maurine L. Jun 08, 2020
418 Ms Geraldine S. Jun 08, 2020
417 Ms Mary Chiles D. Jun 08, 2020
416 Ms Mary Cris D. Jun 07, 2020
415 Ms Rociel Lyka C. Jun 07, 2020
414 Mr Maurice M. Jun 07, 2020
413 Ms Jessa D. Jun 07, 2020
412 Mrs Justin carlewis b. Jun 07, 2020
411 Ms MYLENE F. Jun 07, 2020
410 Ms Natividad O. Jun 07, 2020
409 Mrs Mhey Ann P. Jun 07, 2020
408 Ms Rachel ann G. Jun 07, 2020
407 Mrs Rizza Mae C. Jun 07, 2020
406 Ms Angelika L. Jun 07, 2020
405 Ms Anna C. Jun 07, 2020
404 Ms Irene B. Jun 07, 2020
403 Ms Rusan G. Jun 07, 2020
402 Mrs Santos J. Jun 07, 2020
401 Mrs Cindy R. Jun 07, 2020
400 Ms Armilyn I. Jun 07, 2020
399 Ms Rosemarie M. Jun 07, 2020
398 Ms Glenn H. Jun 07, 2020
397 Mrs Wengie D. Jun 07, 2020
396 Ms Brenda B. Jun 07, 2020
395 Mrs Teresa N. Jun 07, 2020
394 Mr Jemir R. Jun 07, 2020
393 Mrs Hydelyn C. Jun 07, 2020
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