OFWs on May 24 flight from Dubai to Manila still waiting for Covid-19 result


Fifteen days have already been passed but the Covid-19 test results of returning Filipinos from Dubai to Manila are still yet to be posted online.

A group of Filipinos from Dubai has arrived in Manila through a repatriation program, however, their names are not yet posted on the Philippine Coast Guard’s website and Facebook pages.

The Filipinos have been tested for Covid-19 the moment they arrive at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on May 24.

Many Filipinos are already dismayed on how the inter-agencies handle the situation because as per their instructions, test results will be available three to five days.

“Sana sinabi niyo na bayaran yung swab test para mapabilis lang hindi porket libre, dini-delay nyo nang dini-delay! Mas gugustuhin pa namin magbayad kesa ma-stress kami kakahintay sa mga aksyon niyo. Dito nyo pa kami hinawaan ng sakit!” one comment read.


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