Balloon artist in Dubai asks God a blessing, wins AED166,666 or Php2-million in lotto


A Dubai-based balloon artist has recently won a staggering AED166,666 or more than Php2 million in the Emirates Loto after he plead God for a blessing.

William Marquez Aniana, who also works as a document controller, said that he was at home in Dubai with his friends and cousins watching the draw live on YouTube when he suddenly asked for a blessing from God.

“I went to the balcony, and I was looking at the moon, and I asked God to let me win six numbers. Even five numbers only,” Aniana said in an interview with Emirates Loto.

The numbers were announced and ended up matching five numbers out of six winning numbers.

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“When I heard the fifth number I stood up. I jumped! I was almost crying and I thanked God for giving me this opportunity,” he added.

Aniana has been living in the host country for nearly 13 years now and he said that he can finally open his own business in the Philippines when the time comes.

He is planning to share some of his prizes with his friends and his brothers.

“The rest I will keep in the bank so I can use this for my future, my children’s future and my family’s as well,” he said, adding that he is still planning to play the lotto again and hoping to get the grand prize.


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