Dubai Police rescues Arab man and its sinking car at Al Mamzar Creek


Divers of Dubai Police secured an Arab motorist and salvaged her sinking car at Al Mamzar Creek on Friday afternoon.

Lieutenant-Colonel Ali Abdullah Al-Qassib Al-Naqbi, director of the Maritime Rescue at Dubai Police, said the command and control centre received an emergency call at 4:30 p.m. reporting the accident at the Creek.

“A rescue team including divers from Dubai Police was immediately dispatched to the scene and reached the site within a few minutes.
They secured the driver who had managed to get out from her car before reaching deep waters.” Al-Naqbi said.

“Our divers located the car which was 30-metre offshore, and then lifted it out of the water using a police crane,” Al-Naqbi added.

According to the director of the Maritime Rescue at Dubai Police, the 41-year-old driver had been on the phone and received some bad news before she parked her vehicle. However, she failed to put the car on parking (P) mode, and her car suddenly started moving before she mistakenly stepped on the accelerator instead of brakes.

Al-Naqbi urged all motorists to take the necessary care and caution while driving and adhere to the traffic instructions and laws to ensure their safety.


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