DFA confirms 25 new Covid-19 cases among Filipinos abroad; total now at 5,566


With only a few countries across three major geographical regions reporting on the status of our people abroad today, the DFA confirms 25 new cases bringing the total number of Filipinos afflicted by COVID-19 to 5,566. The total number of Filipinos who have recovered from the disease is now 2,497 with 6 new recoveries in the Americas and Middle East. The total number of fatalities is now 426 with 17 new deaths recorded in the Middle East as well. While those who remain under treatment is at 2,643.

Based on the latest figures, the Middle East remains to have the highest number of recorded Filipinos infected with COVID-19 at 3,446 as well as highest total recoveries and total patients undergoing treatment at almost 1,400 and almost 1,900, respectively. Moreover, the Middle East has now also surpassed the Americas in terms of total number of fatalities at 169.


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