A nurse with a passion for caring and helping...

A nurse with a passion for caring and helping others even outside medical facility


She believes that success isn’t just about what accomplishes in life, it’s what she inspires. Amy Magracia-Miranda, a registered nurse, has been fulfilling his late mom’s dream by being a successful medical practitioner by taking care of mothers and children. 

Currently, the seasoned nurse is working as a nurse consultant in a private company in Sharjah for a project to open a new maternity and children’s hospital. Prior to becoming successful in his career, Miranda has to endure obstacles she had never thought of overcoming along the way. 

Being the youngest among six siblings and belonging to a broken family, she recalled those dark days where she described life as ‘very hard’. Miranda being sickly, grew up shy and timid because of their life situation. 

“It was difficult to even have food on the table that we often asked and beg for food from our neighbor’s store to spare us even a piece of bread to eat,” she added. 

Although the situation was depressing, she looked on the brighter side and was still thankful for having a loving and caring mother. 

“She had helped me overcome my inferiority complex as she advised me to keep myself proud and happy because although we are poor, yet we are sincere, grateful, and happy with what we have and we are honest people,” she said. 

Miranda’s mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1985 and four years after, her ‘inspiration’ lost the battle with the deadly cancer. 

It was his mother’s vision for her to become a nurse and be a help to others in need. Equipped with her mother’s words, she graduated in high school with honors and eventually became a registered midwife and nurse. 

“Although she didn’t see me fulfilling her dreams for me, I studied hard and reached the goal of becoming a nurse and since then, caring has become my passion,” she said. 

Her first overseas work stint was way back in 1998 where she got to work in Maternity and Children’s Hospital in of Saudi Arabia as junior nurse under the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health. During her stay in the Islamic country, not only did she enrich herself with clinical training and medical experiences, she also learned the Arabic language considering that it was imperative in her field. 

“I enjoy taking care of the mother and child. I have always been close to my mom as the youngest in the family. I can fully comprehend their experiences, problems and concerns related to women’s health and child care,” Miranda said. 

As her husband in Dubai found a secure job, she decided to continue working in UAE in 2002 and started to build a family. For about 10 years, she has worked in Zulekha Hospital in Sharjah where she handled various nursing positions from being a staff nurse to out-patient department (OPD) charge nurse, then later promoted as the nursing supervisor.

Working as a successful nurse in the country, she later applied at the Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital in Umm Al Quwain in 2013 and was offered a senior nurse position for the OB-gyne department. 

“It was a very challenging journey as not only did we handle unit preparation but we also managed the fast track nursing recruitment in which I was also assigned as a nurse human resource to process the whole nursing recruitment back then,” she added. She left her work in 2019 to pursue another journey to become a nurse consultant for a private company. 

Help outside medical facilities 

Miranda has also been an active volunteer since she arrived in the country. She and her husband joined several Filipino organizations and volunteered in their various activities. In 2016, they joined the Philippine Healthcare Professional Association (PHPA) and conducted several medical missions to the distressed overseas Filipino workers inside the Philippine missions in Dubai. 

Through the help of a few nurses, they finally established their own group called United Filipino Club-UAQ (UFCU) with the aim to provide help and care to the Filipinos in need. 

UAE, being her second home for about 18 years now, advised OFWs to work with passion as they will enjoy their work and become productive as they apply it. 

“Save for the rainy days, yes you can help others but ensure that you’ll keep something for yourself. Plan ahead, remember your situation now is not your final destination,” she added. 

Ryan Namia
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