Cinema house in Dubai reserves seats for award-winning actors to enforce social distancing


    A cinema house in Dubai is enforcing social distancing measures creatively! 

    Instead of putting ‘Do Not Sit’ signs on the chairs, the team of Reel Cinemas has placed ‘Reserved’ signs on it with names and photos of award-winning hollywood actors. 

    In a shared post by u/mrsskrb on Reddit, she shows the Grammy-like situation in Dubai post-Covid-19. 

    Reel Cinemas enforcing social distancing! from r/dubai

    The photo also shows photos of Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, Leonardo Dicaprio, among others. 


    “It’s good and social distancing will make it less likely you’re stuck near some selfish idiot who keeps talking to someone and using their phone,” one comment read. 

    Although social distancing is imposed inside the cinema, tickets are still sold at the same price.


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