News Filipino-Bahraini content creator using the power of words to...

Filipino-Bahraini content creator using the power of words to change and influence lives


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Writing, for her, has always been her source of strength and transparency when certain life ordeals tend to get in the way. Being a writer has always been Shereen Ahmed’s dream. It started when journaling took its precedent as the form of her expression, which turned into a growing passion for poetry, being inspired by the works of Hemingway and Bukowski; then making her realize that she would have been completely content doing anything for career so long as it involves putting words together. 

After arriving in Dubai in 2015, she secured a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media while working as a freelance model both in the emirate and the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

“My Filipino mother had modeled in Bahrain and I remember being so fascinated watching her walk on the runway, as a young girl, and with a height of 5’9” the career path of modeling wasn’t strange news to me. The only thing that came in the way was my extreme shyness; however, once I managed to secure my first runway show for a teenage clothing brand at a mall in Bahrain, it led to a long line of work that I kept on doing, pretty much until today,” she social media specialist said. 

Owing to her natural Filipino-Bahraini beauty, Ahmed has been in three music videos ranging from local and international artists. She has also taken part in countless fashion and beauty campaigns, lifestyle shoots and commercials. During this time, Instagram had just started becoming a new platform; and so she sought this opportunity to ensure that social media would by her means to a digital portfolio and attain more freelance work, eventually leading to content creation and working as an influencer before the term was coined. Currently, Ahmed has over 10,000 followers on the image-sharing app.

During her final year in the university, she was offered an internship position at the popular social media content producer Lovin Dubai. Little did she know that internship would turn into a full-time position. She curated contents in various formats for the digital platform, including writing and presenting for massive brands like McDonalds, Redfest DXB and many F&B outlets in Dubai while content and copywriting on all things in UAE: community features, interviews with hollywood celebrities as well as news writing. She worked as for Lovin Dubai for three years.

“There’s something about forming words that can either sell, influence or change life that’s so inspiring to me. The most satisfying thing about being recognized for online content, additionally is being recognized by our fellow kabayans in Dubai who are always excited to hear that I speak fluent Filipino. There’s no better joy than being able to represent the other half of me, one that I’m proud of,” Ahmed added. 

One of the reasons why she chose Dubai over other cities is because of its diversity. 

“Not only do I get to share both my cultures to those from a whole different continent, but what comes with that is the greatness of getting to try delicious food you wouldn’t otherwise consider (or be aware) or eating, knowing a few phrases of different language and the Emirate’s tolerance towards all religion and race. I’ve never once felt judged being a Bahraini or Filipino because everyone’s got a keen curiosity on other cultures, plus an open mind,” she added. 

The social media influencer and content creator also mentioned that homesickness is a struggle she has to cope up with. 

When asked about her future plans, she said she doesn’t have plans to leave UAE just yet because she feels the myriad opportunities of freelance writers and creatives are immense and would like to stay in the region to find a platform that she’s most passionate about that can contribute to the wellbeing of her fellow Bahraini and Filipino nationals, single mothers, and animal care centres. 

Ryan Namia
Ryan Namia spends most of his days reading over drafts of new written content and determining which ones make the final cut for online and print publication. He received his Bachelor's degree in Journalism in 2015 and has been writing since 2016. Got story to tell? Email him at

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