News HR wizard vlogs to help OFWs to get right...

HR wizard vlogs to help OFWs to get right info on employment policies in UAE


If there’s one word to describe his attitude, it would be ‘strategic.’ Roy Lance Japor has been working in Dubai for a decade now and has spent almost half of his life in the human resource department, particularly in recruitment operations. 

Working as the regional talent acquisition partner for Otis, a leading provider of elevators and escalators in the world, he is tasked to handle the recruitment operations for Middle East countries and travel to nearby Asian countries to do market research and hire new talents. He is now working for the same company for over six years. 

“The most rewarding part of this job? Having the new candidates onboard and placing them in the right position. It’s like giving birth over and over again and making sure that my babies will be delivered properly and that they will grow as good individuals,” he said.

Before joining this massive company, he was part of a BPO company for more than five years and he considered it as one of the most exciting times of his career as he continuously jumped from one promotion to another, until he became the team manager. 

Japor is also applying his work in his newly launched company called ‘DuBlog’ where he publishes blogs for food, lifestyle, promotions, among others, and HR segments wherein he helps his fellow OFWs in UAE to get the right information on anything and everything about things related to HR, from recruitment, leave benefits, gratuity calculations, grievances and more. 

DuBlog is also popular with its hit ‘Online Job Fair’ that airs once every week where Japor announces job vacancies in the UAE and where jobseekers can send their CVs. 

“It helped a lot of kabayans find a new job and opportunity,” Japor said. 

Before getting into the HR world, he also struggled working in the Philippines, mostly finding the right career in the beginning, but through getting consultation from his family and friends, he was able to find the right field for him. 

“My enemy was myself when I decided to come abroad. I didn’t know how to assess things in the beginning until I learned about the hard war which taught me to become more responsible,” he added. 

Future plans include going back to the Philippines to put up a business related to the host country, such as sending manpower and giving future OFWs a brighter future. 

“If possible, I would like to keep a business in Dubai where I can incorporate Philippine products and services so I can still go back to this country anytime and stay and work in the Philippines at the same time,” the HR expert further said. 

Understanding the current situation of OFWs, he said life can be tough sometimes or most of the time but there’s no escape but to face them and come up with long term solutions and not a short lived one. 

As he discusses getting employed in the UAE through his Facebook page, he oftentimes receives messages from Filipinos who are on visit visa. 

“I tell them to make self-assessment before anything else which also applies to all. Why are you here? Why is this happening? Will this hurt me when I face it? What’s the worst that can happen to me if I tackle it? Then go for the solution,” he said, noting that mistakes are there and it’s unnecessary to hating oneself. 

“Instead, move on with the solution and learn from it. And still the best solution above all these is to pray,” he added. 

Japor believes ‘happy days are coming.’

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