News Living the life: Vlogger making the most out of...

Living the life: Vlogger making the most out of his work to embrace new culture


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Travelling around different parts of the world makes him a storyteller. Charles Rollon, or known as dboywhogotlucky on Instagram, has been working as a supervisor for an airline company based in Dubai for years now, and through this, he is able to voyage places he has never set foot before to embrace new culture. 

Aside from travelling across the globe, he is also passionate about vlogging, cameras and gadgets, thus making him a popular ‘Instagrammer’. So far, Rollon has over 131,000 followers on Instagram, making him one of the most followed Filipinos in the UAE on the image-sharing app. 

“My vlogging has brought me to many different places. Most importantly, through my vlogs I have met a lot of Filipinos in the Middle East of different walks of life. To be able to explore places I have never been and meet different people are exactly what I want to be doing,” Rollon said. 

Before securing a managerial position, Rollon was a customer service representative for a BPO company based in Ortigas, Manila. Prior to that, he also did a bit of modeling for print ads. 

“I used to work from 9pm to 6am for almost two years in my previous job and I found it really difficult to work on night shifts. But I now understand that I need to go through that in order to be where I am right now,” he recalled. 

Rollon, being the friendly that he is, got help from friends to apply for work abroad. 

“I like Dubai because I found my means here to be able to help my friends and family back home. I commend the rules and regulations set by the national government here and I feel safe working and living here,” he added. 

His plans after working overseas include being with family back home and opening a business either in UAE or in the Philippines. 

“My advice to my fellow Filipinos is to expand your network and always be open to opportunities because you will never know who can help you to make it through. Bad times are temporary and your determination will be the key to your success. Pray to God and ask for his guidance. Help yourself first before you help others,” Rollon said when asked his advice to Filipinos who are currently struggling. 

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