Successful Filipino vlogger now a business person

Successful Filipino vlogger now a business person


He is taunted as the first ever Filipino vlogger in Dubai, providing useful information about what to expect when living in UAE. If one searches for how it’s like to live in Dubai if you’re a Filipino, Junie Sorsano will probably appear on YouTube’s recommendations in the first five pages.. 

Sorsano has been living and working in Dubai since 2009 and his first job was a regular staff member in an ice cream company inside the Dubai International Airport for four years. While working, he does vlogs on the video-sharing platform. He shares tips, guides and talks about how to make a high impact curriculum vitae, how to prepare for job interviews, save money, among other things that normal OFWs would ask. 

Through vlogging, he receives various recognitions and awards and is nominated by different award-giving bodies for Filipino community and international awards for many times already. His life-story has been published in various newspapers, magazines and blogs. His story appeared on ABS-CBN via K-World segment and GMA Pinoy TV via Trending Pinoy. He was later hired as one of the main hosts of the latter program. 

For two consecutive times now, he has been part of Illustrado’s Top 100 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf and included in the recent Top 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf 2020 Legacy Edition as a pioneering vlogger in the UAE. 

“What I love about vlogging is that I can be the source of information, inspiration and hope to my viewers. I vlog with a purpose that I can be of help to Filipino entrepreneurs and businesses by promoting their products and services online,” Sorsano said. 

Owing to the fame of vlogging, he is now doing brand ambassadorships and social media support to different brands and by doing featured vlogs. The 40-year-old Filipino does hosting as well for big events. 

Currently, he is an industrial business partner for KayaKo watch, which is the first Filipino brand for watches being sold in the UAE. He believes that through selling the KayaKo watches, he empowers and recognizes the strengths of Filipino women. 

The influencer said that his biggest struggle was when his father passed away and he had to send all his remaining money for hospitalization and funeral purposes and couldn’t go back home to attend the funeral. 

“The family that I was staying in was fully supporting me. They have provided me financial support just to be with my dad for the last time,” he recalled. 

Sorsano plans to migrate to Canada after working in Dubai as he has family relatives living there and has offered him a ‘good opportunity.’

“I am planning to focus on opening a business that is related to brand influencers and provide students with proper training and improve their skills and educate them how to get clients on board for social media purposes,” he added. 

He added that his advocacy is to always give inspiration to OFWs through vlogging. 

“Always remember that if you have a problem, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world already. For those who have employment problems, stop the blame game. Always make time to improve and take your skills and knowledge up a notch,” he said when asked what is his advice to Filipinos who are currently struggling.  

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