Food Dofreeze announces launch of e-commerce website

Dofreeze announces launch of e-commerce website

- to showcase four brands under corporate umbrella – Eurocake, Maitre Boulanger, Delice and Bake – while ensuring customers products will be available during COVID pandemic.     

Dubai, UAE – June 21, 2020 – Dofreeze LLC, a Dubai-based business revolutionizing the baked snack market through cutting-edge technology and category-defying products, announced the scheduled launch of its e-commerce website, at, the online portal set to showcase the four brands under the Dofreeze corporate umbrella – Eurocake, Maitre Boulanger, Delice and Bake The company’s goal is to remain connected to all consumers while making products available for them amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Senior Dofreeze representatives are also reporting that there will be free delivery in the primary cities as well as the main areas of the UAE, for orders over AED60.

With the Eurocake brand taking center stage on Dofreeze’s corporate ladder, the trend-setting snacks offered by the division encompass a vast array of options and product classifications – from American-style soft and chewy cookies to rich chocolate chip brownies, lova chocolate molten cake, jumbo croissants, mini rolls, cupcakes, muffins and more. As one of the newest additions to the Dofreeze family, Maitre Boulanger – “The Master Baker” – represents a division offering a number of “bake-at-home” products, including a Sourdough Deep Pan Pizza Base, enabling families to stay home and bake their own pizza with their family, friends and even with their kids.

Other Maitre Boulanger products include Parbaked Butter Croissants, Banana BreadSourdough Bread Loaves, and Pain au Lait Milk Rolls.

Le Gateau est un Delice – or just Delice, for short – is another of Dofreeze’s new brands, delivering a sumptuous taste of France by way of delicious concoctions such as Brownie Squares, Red Velvet Muffins, Petit Loaf Cakes, Cake Rolls and a unique Pain au Raisins with Custard. The Bake brand, meanwhile, was realized by Dofreeze as the super-healthy division of the corporate operation, offering soft-baked bars made from optimum grains such as whole wheat, buckwheat and oats. 

Boasting no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, high fiber, prebiotic elements and no added sugar, the Bake snacks encompass a collection of bar-shaped treats that includes the Chocolate Soft-Baked Bar, Banana Soft-Baked Bar and Almond Soft-Baked Bar, with Dofreeze master bakers working on additional concoctions for a future launch.

Another exciting breakfast options are the delicious Bake Muffins in Banana with Oats and Chocolate with Oats and White Choco Chips flavors are also available. The individually-wrapped snacks in four-muffin packs were specifically crafted by Bake bakers – in a similar fashion to the brand’s wholesome bars – to “naturally energize the morning” while keeping active lifestyle types “going throughout the day.”

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