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7 very good reasons to do an MBA degree from Filipino Institute


There are many good reasons and benefits why you should start doing an MBA, specifically with the Filipino Institute. 

Apart from getting it at a cheaper price, getting an MBA degree is undoubtedly rewarding: high salary potential, better career opportunities, ideal for networking, worldwide recognition of its credentials, among other things. 

The Filipino Institute has specifically laid out reasons why you need to study MBA. 

Reason 1: Job Description

If you’re an MBA degree holder, your job options expand as well. Employers would highly employ an MBA degree holder especially these trying times because it shows that you give importance to education and self-improvement. 

Reason 2: New Career Path 

Changing career paths is mostly difficult for some especially if you’re working for a specific industry for years already. Acquiring a new set of skills is one way to do it although you have a different work background. 

Reason 3: Increase Salary 

Most companies would likely increase your salary if they ask you to do more work. Most often than not, employers would give more workloads to MBA degree holders because they’re confident that you can do the task well. 

Reason 4: Improve Professional Skill

One of the benefits of studying MBA is that it improves your theoretical and practical knowledge in business. One of the secrets of having a successful business is acquiring soft skills such as communication, team work, and leadership. If you want to achieve your dream business, these traits are very important. 

Reason 5: Job Security

As the world experienced the wrath of Covid-19, it proves that not all have job security. One of the benefits of having an MBA degree is the assurance that you’ll get a new job easier when you’re looking for one. The skills that you have developed while studying for your MBA will be most important in your work.

Reason 6: Perspective Growth

Getting an MBA degree gives you a new mindset especially this time of globalization. You get to work with different industries and you learn new ways that can apply to your work or in your business. 

Reason 7: Expand Professional Network

Having a strong professional network is an important asset in building a good-paying business or in work. Attending an MBA class alone will give you a new network that will give you access to new work. This is also important for those who are looking for a new job. 

Filipino Institute’s admin trainers and staff will also get a 50 percent discount on the fee. This discount is also extended for the first-degree relatives (spouse, sons and daughters) of Filipino Institute’s trainers. 

To enroll, please click this link.

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