Dubai now requires medical fitness test for visa renewal


Dubai announced that all Dubai residence visa holders will have to undergo a medical fitness test if they’re about to renew it. 

Earlier, the emirate had temporarily suspended the medical fitness test due to Covid-19 pandemic. 

The change only affects visas issued in Dubai, Gulf News confirmed. 

Starting today, June 28, Dubai residence visa holders will be required to apply for a medical fitness test to complete the renewal process. 

“From today, the medical fitness test is mandatory for visa renewal as well. This is from Dubai Health Authority (DHA), which is for Dubai visas only,” Moosa bin Ali Dayani, a public relations officer (PRO) at a Dubai-based company, told Gulf News. 

Meanwhile, in Abu Dhabi, only new visa holders are required to go for a medical screening test.

For renewals, Abu Dhabi residence visa holders can renew their visa without even going through the screening. 


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