‘New normal online selling’: Pinoy seller comically forced his friends to buy cakes


If there is a new normal being followed globally, is there such a ‘new normal online selling’ as well? 

Well, Facebook user Jojo Cristobal’s post is now getting a lot of attention after he forcibly sold his lava cake and banana loaf to his friends on Facebook. 

“This is the new normal online selling,” he captioned his post with his conversation with his Facebook friends while selling his baked goods. 

Instead of saying ‘Hi, do you want to buy my lava cake or banana loaf?’, he starts the conversation with ‘The grand total is Php300’. 

When he’s asked what he means, Cristobal would say ‘ You order two pieces of lava cake.’ 

His Facebook post which was uploaded on June 24 has now over 63,000 shares, 24,000 comments, and 47,000 reactions. 

Read the funny post below: 


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