UAE releases guidelines to avoid heatstroke as temperature touches 48 degrees Celsius


The National Centre of Meteorology in UAE announced the increase of temperature on Sunday, June 28 with maximum temperature to hover around 42 to 48 degrees Celsius along internal areas. 

With this, the Dubai Municipality has released guidelines to avoid developing a heatstroke, especially if care is not taken. 

Below are the guidelines prescribed by the Dubai Municipality: 

1. Regularly drink water to avoid dehydration. 

2. Don’t overwork if the temperature is high. 

3. Make sure to moisturize and cool your body and be fully aware of emergency procedures. 

4. Practice healthy eating habits that reduce stress. 

5. Use sunscreen to avoid skin damage and heat stress. 

6. Wear loose-fitting lightweight clothes. 

7. Take frequent rest in the shade. 

8. Avoid going out in the hottest part of the day. 

9. Never leave someone in a car, especially children. 

Below are the symptoms of heatstroke: 

1. High body temperature

2. Not sweating

3. Nausea and vomiting

4. Flushed skin

5. Rapid breathing

6. Racing heart rate

7. Headache

Below is the heatstroke first-aid to be conducted if you or someone around you experience the symptoms: 

1. Lie down in the shade

2. Drink water

3. Remove outer clothing

4. Cool with damp cloth especially the head and neck.


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