Largest Pizza Hut and Wendy’s franchisee in US files bankruptcy due to Covid-19 pandemic

The largest franchisee of Pizza Hut restaurants in the US, NPC International Inc, became the latest victim of Covid-19 pandemic after it filed for bankruptcy. 

In a report, it confirmed that the company filed for bankruptcy after Covid-related shutdowns added to competitive pressures in the restaurant industry. 

The franchisee was founded in 1962 and operates 1,277 Pizza Hut chains and 393 Wendy’s stores across the US. 

According to a report, NPC and Pizza Hut have struggled with rising labor and food costs while trying to expand delivery and move away from traditional dine-in restaurants. 

Kansas-based company Overland Park is also facing cut-throat competition from rivals such as Domino’s Pizza Inc. and Papa John’s International Inc.