All UAE residents traveling abroad need to secure ICA permit which costs AED50


Authorities in the UAE have now required all citizens and residents to secure a permit if they are to travel outside the country. 

The country is still not permitting residents to travel for leisure and tourism at this stage but only those who fall to certain categories such as for medical treatments, studies, business trips, diplomatic missions, humanitarian reasons and those who want to return to their home countries. 

According to a Gulf News report, residents who fall in the mentioned categories are required to provide supporting documents as well as a payment of AED50 for the permit. 

The application shall be applied through the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority website before departure. 

UAE is discouraging people with chronic illnesses and those over the age of 70 to travel unless the trip is for medical treatment. 

Below are the documents needed for the ICA permit application: 

1. Traveling for medical reasons

-Copy of ID card, residency and passport

-Official documents supporting the application

2. Students

-Copy of ID card, residency and passport

-No objection letter to travel issued by the Ministry of Education

3. Business/work trips

-Copy of ID card, residency and passport

-Letter from the employer proving work or training outside the country

4. Humanitarian cases

-Copy of ID card, residency and passport

-A certificate proving illness or death of the first degree relative



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