Pres. Duterte says law-abiding citizens should not be afraid of Anti-Terror Law


President Rodrigo Duterte said that Filipinos, especially those ‘law-abiding’ citizens should not be afraid of the Anti Terror Law which was passed just a few days ago. 

“For the law-abiding citizens of this country, I am addressing you with all sincerity. Huwag ho kayo matakot kung hindi ka terorista,” he said during a pre-recorded national address in Malacanang last night. 

The new law signed on July 3 and is intended to prevent, prohibit, and penalize terrorism in the Philippines. 

Duterte said that those not planning to bomb churches and public utilities to derail the nation have nothing to fear, adding that communists are among the terrorists. 

Critics fear that the controversial Anti-Terrorism Law will violate human rights and stifle free speech. 

Several protests have been held in the Philippines for the past couple of days to junk the law as soon as possible. 


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