Filipinos on visit visa now allowed to travel from Clark to UAE, South Korea starting July 22


The Philippine government has recently lifted the restriction on outbound non-essential travel of Filipinos. 

The memorandum has been published on the Official Gazette and will be effective beginning July 22. 

Filipinos who wish to travel abroad shall be subject to the following conditions: 

-Submission of confirmed round-trip tickets for those traveling on tourist visas

-Travel health insurance to cover rebooking and accommodation expenses, should they end up stranded abroad

-They are allowed to enter their destination country, in accordance with their travel, health and quarantine restrictions

-Execution of a ‘declaration’ acknowledging the risk involved in traveling

A Facebook post by Clark International Airport, states that travelers will now be allowed to fly from the airport in Pampanga to South Korea, Dubai, and the USA via flight from Emirates, Jin Air, and Jeju Air. 

Emirates airline has recently published on its website that all passengers coming from the Philippines and going to Dubai are required to present a Covid-19 negative test result before they’re allowed to enter the aircraft. The airport personnel has also the right to reject one from entering the aircraft if they are showing Covid-19 symptoms. 

Here is the list of licensed Covid-19 laboratories in the Philippines. 

Click here to see the full list of countries where Filipinos are allowed to travel.

Photo by Philstar


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