Philippines set to produce ethyl alcohol from coconut trees


A private firm in the Philippines is targetting to mass-produce its first ethyl alcohol distilled from coconut nectar. 

The ethyl alcohol is called ALCOCO hand sanitizer with 70 percent alcohol solution from coconut nectar. The process was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines. 

Philippine Craft Distillers, Inc. (PCDI) presented the product before the Philippines Coconut Authority Administrator Benjamin Madrigal Jr. last month. 

“Ethyl alcohol from coconuts is a welcome development in the industry especially now that we are experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic. This local source will make the Philippines less dependent on imported ethyl alcohol from other countries,” Madrigal was quoted as saying by The Filipino Times. 

Atty. Anthony Mangulat, PCDI president, they have harvested the coconut nectar from the CALABARZON region. 

“We then distilled and compound it in FDA-approved facilities,” Mangulat added. 


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