Vomiting and having runny nose now among Covid-19 symptoms


Nausea or vomiting, congestion and having runny nose and diarrhea are now among Covid-19 symptoms, the Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) announced. 

The four symptoms have been officially added to the list of Covid-19 signs. 

Currently, more than 12-million people have been afflicted with the virus. 

As mentioned by the CDC previously, below are the Covid-19 symptoms: 

-Fever or chills


-Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 


-Muscle or body aches


-New loss of taste or smell

-Sore throat

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) said below are the common Covid-19 symptoms: 


-Dry cough


Less common symptoms are:

-Aches and pains

-Sore throat



-Loss of taste or smell

-A rash on the skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes

Serious symptoms include: 

-Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath

-Chest pain or pressure

-Loss of speech or movement


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