Pres. Duterte declares 2020 as ‘year of Filipino health workers’ to honor frontliners


President Rodrigo Duterte has declared the current year as the ‘Year of Filipino Health Wrorkers.’

In a signed Proclamation No. 976 on July 16, the leader highlighted the contributions made by medical workers in the Philippines as it faces a pandemic. 

Currently, the Philippines has more than 51,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases. 

“Thousands of Filipino health workers, who comprise a major component of the nation’s labor force, selflessly and tirelessly provide essential, quality and critical care to individuals, families and groups, even in the face of great peril, fear, uncetainty and vulnerability,” the proclamation mentioned. 

It added that there is a need to commemorate the immeasureable act of heroism and selfless compassion of nurses, midwives and all health workers, and give due honor to those who sacrificed their lives in the line of service. 

Read the entire proclamation:


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