News New visa rule in UAE: What we know so...

New visa rule in UAE: What we know so far


Several UAE residents got confused about the newly amended visa rule in the country, now that the country revoked its decision to extend the validity of identity cards and residence visa that expired in March until the end of the year.

Here’s what we know so far: 

-UAE residents (those who have valid residency visas) who are inside or outside the country, and whose visa expired between March 1 and 31 this year, are given a three-month period to renew their documents. 

-The validity of identity cards that expired on March 31 until December 31 is also canceled. 

-Residents who are currently outside the country and whose residency permits expired after March 1 — or who have exceeded a period of six months out of the UAE, were however given a grace period to return, reckoned from the date flights resumed between the Emirates and the country they are presently in. 

-A grace period of 1 month is granted, effective from the date of entering UAE, is given to Emiratis, GCC citizens, and residents (who spent less than six months outside the country) for renewal of the documents. 

-Administrative fees and fines will be issued to those who surpass the deadlines.

-UAE Cabinet also canceled the decision to stop the activation of administrative fines for violations as of Saturday, July 11, 2020. 

-The UAE’s resolution took immediate effect.

TGFM has already emailed AMER to comprehensively discuss the new rules, however, they haven’t replied as of this posting. 

Several residents are left confused as there are many unanswered questions, including the status of those residents whose visa expired after March 31. 

Meanwhile, several questions regarding expired visit visas are also being inquired to TGFM. 

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