UAE immigration starts updating tourist visa’s last day to August 10 in system


The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) is starting to update the status of tourists visa holders’ last day to August 10, 2020, The Global Filipino Magazine (TGFM) learned. 

Upon checking on their website, the system is gradually updating the status of tourists with expired visas to August 10, or less than 30 days from now. 

This means that their options are only limited to (1) going back to their home countries; (2) or secure a visit or residence visa before August 10. 

While there is a one-month grace period, tourists are advised to renew their tourist visa at least a week before the deadline or earlier to avoid overstaying and paying administrative fines. 

Travel agencies in the UAE are selling a three-month visit visa for AED2,220 for all tourist visas; and AED1,699 for people who went from employment or canceled visa.

Check your visa status now by clicking this link.

Photo by Eidarabia


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