NAIA reminds Filipinos bound to Dubai to secure negative PCR certificate


The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has recently issued an advisory to Filipinos bound to the United Arab Emirates to obtain a negative PCR certificate as they will not be allowed to board flights to the country. 

“The government of the United Arab Emirates is requiring all passengers coming from the Philippines to have a negative PCR certificate before they are allowed to board flights flying to the emirates including Abu Dhabi and Dubai,” NAIA’s advisory read. 

Passengers bound to UAE are ‘strongly’ advised to get in touch with their respective air carriers to get the details on the implementation of the new regulation. 

“Passengers without the required negative PCR test certification may not be allowed to check-in for their flights even if they have confirmed booking,” it added. 

Emirates airline has recently posted on its website that all travelers coming from the Philippines have to present a negative PCR test before they’re allowed to board the aircraft. 

Just recently, more than 100 Filipinos bound to Dubai have been barred in NAIA for not obtaining a negative PCR test. 


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