Working in UAE on visit visa is illegal, violators to pay AED50,000 or Php673,000


The UAE law states that no one is permitted to work in the country unless they have firstly a residency visa and a work permit. 

Those who will be caught working illegally can be fined up to AED50,000 and face deportation after.

Article 11 of the Federal Law No 6 for 1973 concerning immigration and residence states that ‘the alien who obtains a visit visa may not work anywhere in the country with or without pay or for his own.’

By virtue of Federal Law No 7 for 2007, ‘a fine of AED50,000 per worker has been prescribed, in the event the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratization (MOHRE) finds any employer employing an individual on a visit visa.’

Foreign employers who are found to be guilty of doing this will be deported and banned from entering the country. 


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